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CoinShares Capital Markets (CSCM), formerly known as GABI Trading, is the proprietary trading arm of the CoinShares Group. We strive to bring more efficiency and transparency to digital asset markets.

As a leading counterparty with an established track record, CSCM acts as a global access provider around a broad array of instruments with a unique focus on digital assets.

Our human capital matched with purpose-built infrastructure and systems help institutional counterparties meet their unique liquidity needs through a full suite of services.

Comprehensive services in capital markets:

  • Electronic Market Liquidity
  • Programmatic Execution
  • Lending & Borrowing
  • Electronic OTC Liquidity
  • Custody
  • White Label
Comprehensive services in capital markets:

Bridging FX, Commodities & Digital Assets

We help counterparties navigate the digital asset market structure and provide a wide range of trading, risk management and hedging services, guided in part by our deep experience in commodities and quantitative strategies.

As part of the CoinShares Group - which has specialised in digital assets since 2013 and comprises several regulated entities across multiple jurisdictions - we leverage our combined strength to provide unparalleled insights, market access, and industry expertise for a broad community of professional and sophisticated investors.

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